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Drunk With Power

To The Apples Of My Eye:

My dearest faithful followers,

I am here today groveling before you, begging for your forgiveness. I must offer my sincere apologies and show my deepest remorse for my misdeeds and any mistreatment. I don’t own you, and I never have. You are individuals and you are my companions, not my slaves.

Sometimes I forget that this is a family, not a tyranny. I did not gain this power through great deeds or victories, I don’t even deserve it.  I have no right to oppress you and ignore each of your individual interests. I don’t have the liberty to inflict pain in any form. I asked for you. You are my gifts, not my soldiers. You aren’t obligated to heed to my every command or execute my every decree.

I am not authorized to punish you with painful scoldings or harsh criticism. I must use words to express my wishes, and I must always remember that requests can only be asked, not commanded. I can’t enforce on you senseless demands, and I can’t penalize you for when you don’t please me. You can’t suffer because of who you are. Read the rest of this entry

The Fountain of Youth

   It all started last night when Child Number Three forced me to become a housewife. I never strive to becoming the model housekeeper, for there is far too much upkeep involved. I don’t want the house to always be glistening in the sunlight. I have gotten used to the floating dust storms that occur every time something is moved or even looked at. I would much rather sit back and watch a few shows and make a couple of crafts. Where is the fun in working my butt off to follow all the homemaking gurus in all their advice books in their attempt to turn Mess Queens into Domestic Goddesses. Where are all the guides to Becoming A Happy Mom with Loads of ME Time? Why must we burden ourselves to prove to our friends how perfect we are?

Because we aren’t.

   Sometimes my house is clean, and sometimes it is hard to tell if it there is even a floor. Read the rest of this entry

The Rooftop Shouting of Mom Excellence

Ever feel like you want to stand upon the rooftop and shout as loud as your voice can go? Whether it be about the fact that you love someone dearly and you want the whole world to know, or about how incredibly awesome you are and how you deserve to be heard, or any reason at all, many of us have been there. Well, even though I have felt the latter, sadly, the times have been numbered and can be counted on my own two hands. I spend more time being hard on myself , unreasonable judgmental, and highly unforgiving. Read the rest of this entry

Pinctada Maxima

My brain is completely overloaded with fresh ideas. They were racing back and forth since four o’clock this morning, and I could not get them to pipe down as much as I begged. To be honest, it has been a really long time and I enjoyed the plethora of thoughts, although I was definitely not able to keep up with them. About 4 amazing posts, with proper punctuation and exceptional vocabulary, crossed my mind and I could not get my self to turn over to jot them down. The baby was lying on me and I did not want to budge or startle him.

So now, I am stuck with a hodgepodge of ideas and I will have to arrange them into paragraph form. It is funny how when I am thinking of my posts, I actually say ‘comma‘ in my head. (Honestly, comma, I really do. period) At a quarter to six I could not deal with the burden of words any longer and decided to get my butt out of bed. I was cold and dreading it, but soon enough I hopped off and forgot about the cold. I took a enjoyable, long, and peaceful shower and once again got flooded with gushes of brainstorms. Read the rest of this entry