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I have a few passions that I do nothing with, and I had grand plans of how I could combine two of them. I really enjoy art and photography, but I am not professionally skilled in either. I drool every time I check out photography blogs, but I will make my self feel better by convincing myself that they have fancy cameras and previous schooling. I have a pretty lousy camera and I don’t have enough time to draw or paint. So I entered an art store in the hopes of taking some pictures of all the things that I wish I knew how to use. Once I realized how I had no idea how to take pictures, I left and walked into some other types of shops. I continued on and just clicked away like a snap-happy tourist.

As I write, I have a child yanking my arm and repeating the word “Mommy” more times that I ever thought possible. It’s the holiday weekend and honestly, I have not had enough time or energy to come up with any extra brain power to produce a post, so instead I will show off some of my shots. Read the rest of this entry

Juggling Momhood and Failure

I don’t handle failure well, or I should say, I don’t handle it all. The scores came back from my, SAT equivalent, Psychometric Test. Even though I agreed to accept the fact that a full-time mom,  full-time wife, and full-time housekeeper, may not attain the highest of scores, the words were all said in vain. I could not hear them, no matter how hard I tried.

It was an easy task to talk it into myself, however, obviously not as easy to believe it. I let the idea of the grades escape my mind and had not thought about it for a month. I was told the grades were in and I was DEFINITELY not prepared for what I saw. I had felt pretty confident after the test and got fairly decent scores on the practice exams. Nonetheless, the score reflected nothing but my failure to multitask mom and student. Read the rest of this entry