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Severe Chemical Withdrawal

And so the saga comes to a shattering halt… Several months ago, as my old-time readers may recall, I decided to go on a No-Poo (a collective term for methods of washing hair with no commercial shampoo: Wikipedia) diet. At first it was to see how long I could actually do it, and then in turned into a healthier alternative to the chemical infested products that my body was most familiar with. I love to be healthy, within the norm, and I figured that perhaps it would even make a positive change towards my thin and oily brown hair.

The first few weeks were a disaster. I was not using natural bought soaps and shampoos, I was totally poo-free. I tried everything in the books, or rather Google, I should say; all to no avail. I read up on fantasy success stories of how baking soda rinses and cucumber lemon pulp turned frizzy, unbearable, mop-headed ogres into flowing, lustrous, healthy-haired princesses. Read the rest of this entry

The Green Scam

For those of my readers who have been around my blog for quite some time, you all know I have some sort of soft spot for Going Green. I don’t buy organic and my house is the furthest from Green, or healthy for that matter. But, I do try. At any chance that I have to bring in more natural products, I do. But the real question is, where do I stop?

My problem is, aside from the expense of it all, I just always wonder how much of our Green and Organic is a scam, and how much is important for our bodies, health, and environment. I am all for all the latter, but how far do I go to aim for natural perfection. Read the rest of this entry

Space Shoes

It has been a long time since I wrote last. I just don’t feel that excited about writing like I used to… I thought more people would read it and it is depressing to have so few readers. I can’t expect any viewers though, when I hardly find time to write and the posts are incredibly dull.

In a way, I am happy that I am too busy to find things to write. I finally got a job and although I plan to resign, as of now, it keeps me occupied. All day, when I am not busy taking care of the chaos in my home, I am thinking of quitting my job. The hours are bad, the job is unsatisfying, and I spend majority of my day yelling at my children and running all over the place. Supper is never made, and dishes are never washed. Laundry piles are on every piece of furniture that can hold a mound of clothing and towels. The money just isn’t enough to keep this going.

My hair is miserable. It is about 6 weeks now of no-poo, and it is still disastrous. It all began about two weeks ago when I was determined to make my own shampoo. I blended a peeled cucumber and lemon and massaged it into my scalp. NEVER massage anything into oily hair unless you want a new habitué on your head. Weeks later, and still I am convinced that I will never be able to get out the pulp and cucumber bits from my head. Now, not only do I have greasy, dry, and damaged hair, I have rotten veggies in there as well. Read the rest of this entry

Say Yes-Poo to No-Poo

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘No-Poo’, I will enlighten you. I assume you  aren’t insanely natural and health conscious (or just new to the idea like me) so, ‘No-Poo’ is the phrase used for no commercial shampoo usage. Basically, going natural for some, or spending hours making your own, for others. I like to be healthy but I refuse to go crazy. I respect those who go all the way out for all these things, but I don’t feel pressured in doing the same. Whether or not I believe that the organic craze is crap or not, good for those who can afford to uphold its lifestyle. If I had loads of extra cash I would go for it too even if I was unsure of its necessity. But I don’t.

There are always things that I can attempt to change in my home before that huge kitchen turnover. I switched to BPA free and it was easy. I love kitchen gadgets so it was definitely an excuse to get some more.  Maybe I can make a change in my children’s health, or maybe not. But it’s the least I can do in this junk infested world. Read the rest of this entry