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Clouded With Thoughts on Speed

New Year’s Resolutions attempts have begun. I opened the yoga mat!

That’s as much as I did
That’s as far as I went
The mat is now opened
100 percent!

It was one small step for my hands,  one giant leap for me.

I am quite restless today and my brain is wired. When I have days like this, I either accomplish a lot, talk a lot, rhyme a lot more, or achieve nothing at all. So today I will present some pictures of the stormy clouds and silently cry over all the good shots I am seeing from my window at the moment and missing. It’s cold, I can’t get up to take any more pictures. Lazy and fidgety at the same time, how does that even work? (sigh) Read the rest of this entry

Banana Aloe

  I got this new habit of snapping pictures. Every blog that I see with exquisite, professional shots makes me drool. My camera won’t do the job that theirs does, but the sights here are so beautiful, that I’m pretty sure nature does all the work for me.

  There are these plants on the side of our pathway, which I assume are Aloe Vera, however they sprouted these flowers that resembled bananas. They were so ripe, I was tempted to pick one and take a bite. Read the rest of this entry