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Hurricane Summer

Wow. I missed a post last week. I have been so good with my blog until the hurricane of summer bedlam flooded me over the head. The kids were actually losing it. Oh wait, that was me. But them as well, they were going out of their minds. For the first time ever, I was scrubbing pen and markers off my walls and furniture. They never reached that level of boredom and they were topping the charts. We surpassed the summer insanity, and extreme chaos was at an all-time high. Read the rest of this entry

Oh, No, I, Have, OCCD!

Supposedly, the worst thing a writer can do is overuse commas. I think that the right thing to do now,  is to remove the title suffix “W” from my name. Sadly, I can no longer be referred to as a writer.

After reviewing some of my previous posts, I have come to the conclusion that my teachers were correct. Way back in grade school grammar classes, I was labeled as the Comma Crazy student. And only now, after years of denial, I finally admit that it is true. It’s a big step to say that a teacher is right. We all know they, like our parents, are always wrong. However, I’m afraid in this case they were right and have described me perfectly. Only this once, of course. Read the rest of this entry

Why so violent? Beats me.

What should I do, my kids beat me up. I am sure there is a hotline for something like this, but hey, what else are blogs for.

It all starts bright and early in the morn. Occasionally, it isn’t yet morning, but you can tell the sky is thinking about it. The little guy, who miraculously manages to join me in the bed, prefers to let me know of his presence quite violently. He throws himself over my belly, which of course suffers dearly when so highly intoxicated with urine. You know those times your eyes blink open, warning you to pee so your bladder doesn’t explode. Those times you just snooze your brain messages to return to those blissful moments of slumber. Ouch. Read the rest of this entry

Shay, this is the Sun. Sun, this is Shay.

My internet is not working (it would really help to pay our bills) and now I am left with nothing productive to do. It is kind of depressing to say that, but I have the washer and dryer running and the house is basically clean. The baby is napping and I am in dire need of a shower, but of course, I will post instead.

I started reading a lot of blogs and they are all different in many ways aside for their one similarity. Most people have stories to tell because they get out of their houses, and most people have pictures to display because they have a camera. How profound, I know.

Problem is, I never leave my house and I don’t have a camera. Yeah, how do I survive? I am beginning to see that perhaps, I do not. I used to own a camera and still do. However, a few months back, I lost the charger in the enormous mess that is strangely concealed somewhere within my home. So basically, there is no camera.

I hardly ever leave the house and therefore, I don’t meet people. My husband, on the other hand, is a chick magnet and ‘the craziest thing ever’ magnet. Every day, he comes home with a tale of “You won’t believe what I saw, it was the craziest thing EVER!” or “I saw so-and-so today and she is blah blah blah.” (How descriptive) Did that sound jealous? Neh.

I am pretty sure he does see the oddest things ever, though. One time, Read the rest of this entry