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Snow Therapy

I love the snow that is drifting across my blog because we don’t get snow where I live, and this is the most I will get to see.  It has this calming and therapeutic effect on me, I should bring it to my next massage. I have been seeing a physical therapist over the past few weeks for my stiff, board-like neck and back hoping for some relief. I have gotten some, but it seems like a temporary fix and it’s highly addictive.

The first time I entered the office, I was faced with many chuckling eyes that appeared to have been mocking me for being the only patient under 65 years of age. I spoke with my soon-to-be therapist about why I was present at their practice, and still she seemed to be pondering whether my appearance was a mistake. I complained to her of tension and cramps in my back and neck along with terrible migraines which were causing lightening explosions behind my eyes. Read the rest of this entry

The 21st Century Drug

  My neurons have been sending electrical impulses via synapses for all these years and suddenly now, have begun to short-circuit from stress. It was officially twenty-seven years, this past weekend, and it turned out really nice. It was the best birthday that I have ever had, thanks to the hubs. But still, despite the amazing celebration, the stress keeps piling up, higher and higher, threatening to topple me and I am far too young for that.

  I searched desperately for the cure to my dilemma, and of course avoided entirely, the root of the problem. We are in the 21st century, I want an instant relief. I want it here, and I want it now. Valium is expensive and I would need a prescription for which I would have to whine about my ailments to a doctor, hoping he will agree of its necessity. And so I had to go for the common drug which is by far cheaper and easier to come by; Read the rest of this entry