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7 Wonders?

My family trekked out in the last week of the summer to finally get some vacation time in. It was an amazing trip and not because the kids behaved, of course they weren’t angels, but because there were spectacular views, a magnificent pool, and most of all because we got out of our house. Aside from when the little eyes were glued to the TV, they were quite the merry bunch. Who can blame them after two long months of dreadful boredom.

The trip took nothing to plan. It was a last-minute phone call to Starwood to see which hotel took the least amount of points per night. For 2,000 points I could technically stay for a couple of weeks, but I may also give my kids away by then. After a long drive we found the hotel and settled ourselves down. I would say we made ourselves at home, but with the amount of towels and linen we went through and had changed for us, that just wouldn’t be true. Live-in cleaning and catering is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. Read the rest of this entry

Hurricane Summer

Wow. I missed a post last week. I have been so good with my blog until the hurricane of summer bedlam flooded me over the head. The kids were actually losing it. Oh wait, that was me. But them as well, they were going out of their minds. For the first time ever, I was scrubbing pen and markers off my walls and furniture. They never reached that level of boredom and they were topping the charts. We surpassed the summer insanity, and extreme chaos was at an all-time high. Read the rest of this entry

The Most Difficult Part of Vacation…

Is Coming Home.

It is truly the most arduous endeavor after a tranquilizing weekend of sheer bliss.

I feel like a mom should never say things such as this, but I did not miss my children at all. I guess I deserve to be blacklisted. Either way, I was quite satisfied not hearing the midnight cries and did not long for the tugs and belly jumping in mornings when I need my sleep most. I can see missing them long-term perhaps, however, this vacation was nice without it all. When I got home, at least two of the kids were excited to see me. We count our blessings.

Their beautiful little faces had me enthralled for the first half hour. Read the rest of this entry

Oops, I Did It AGAIN!

I keep reading other blogs and every time that I do, I feel like I need to up my game. Why does everyone seem to have such exquisite vocabulary and such clever ideas to blog about. I feel far more inferior than amateur. I just decided to post for today and saw that I had a tab opened to my blog about the ‘covered all angles’ post. A second before I was about to close the tab to write today’s column, I figured that I should just check out my page. Glad I did. The post I wrote on Thursday was never published, although it was saved as a draft. So now I will have two posts for the day. Oh well.

Part of my previous disappearance, aside from the university test, was an untold tale of my family’s journey to America. Even though, after my vacation there this summer, I had sworn off ever doing it again, I did. My grandparents were celebrating their 50th anniversary and asked that we come in for their weekend retreat with all expenses paid. You would think they had me at the latter. No. Not even money can make me wish to torture myself. But 50 years? Who the hell makes it married 50 years? That deserved my compliance.

Don’t think it was easy. When I heard about it, I was adamant. Absolutely, positively, NOT happening. Then the guilt trips started heading my way. Honestly, I created some myself and those were the worst. My family kept telling me how it was ‘once in a lifetime’ and no matter what it would cost you, you don’t decline such an offer. Easy for everyone to say. They don’t have 3 children cooped up in a crowded tin bird for TWELVE hours, six miles above sanity. And they most definitely don’t come around to assist with the deviation from normal schedule and the whole new night shift that these kids have going.

Needless to say, I fell for it all. Only a short time later, I found myself up in the air cursing under my breath and silently swearing NEVER, NO MATTER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES, to ever do this again. Only to make matters worse, we had to take the less expensive course and take a stop-over flight to Italy. I never flew a cheaper airlines in my life, let alone a stop-over. I did not even know what I was in for.

I packed up my suitcases and tried to keep it small. No matter how I try to keep baggage at a minimum, I still seem to look like a bag lady. I can easily be mistaken for one of the homeless collecting can and bottle bags. I look tattered and worn and have odd things hanging from each high quality plastic bag, some poking through the corners. So I had less on this trip than the last. One baby bag to keep at my feet by the flight with diapers, wipes, extra pacifiers ( we lose at least two every time), and a change of clothing for the baby. Then comes the plastic bag with the snacks that don’t run down drooling faces or get little grimy hands stuck on armrests (no chocolate, candies, or gum). Then comes a bag with all the sippy cups so that the thirsty boys always have their water in their cups. Next we have a carry-on with extra changes of clothing for the emergency situation of lost luggage upon arrival. Of course another carry-on with extra changes of clothing for everyone on the trip in case of spilling, accidents, and vomit. And finally, the suitcase with all the nick knacks and gadgets, coloring books and crayons, and trucks and stickers (we allow variety to promote fair choice). Definitely, not minimum enough. Read the rest of this entry

Brains to Ashes

So I am wondering what happens when you overload your brain. I am experiencing these symptoms and now I am screwed. If I was burnt out- do my brains ever revive or do they turn to ashes. Or perhaps is it just like brain freeze. Like a temporary vacation or sabbatical. I am hoping the latter. I am just going to think of it as a beauty rest.

Now the one test to get me into colleges had to be too much for my brain. I know where that leaves me now. Not in college. I can tell you that much. Such a short course, who ever knew it can do such serious damage. I used to be stressed out and take practice tests and worry and ponder. Now, I just sit and stare at the tests. I am utterly and completely calm and fixated on the words themselves. I get stuck on the first question. I am pretty sure it even looks like I am gazing at it lovingly.

This is not a good start for a job hunt. I need college. Nowadays everyone needs college. You need papers for it all, even the slightest and pathetic of jobs. You can have papers that have nothing to do with the profession but it doesn’t matter. You want to be the cashier? Oh, I am so sorry ma’am. We took the girl ahead of you. I know she is only 18 and has no prior experience but she got the papers. I don’t care if you were doing this for 20 years, she is educated and has her blah blah degree.

Amazing. These kids are straight out of high-school and they manage to be doctors and lawyers. I don’t know, but in my days, we were happy if kids made it through school. Now they not only sit through school but they also get accredited for just sitting there. Not only that, they manage to take all these side courses and can be doctors and 22. Crazy day of age. I am not jealous or anything.

You know… I am a mom. I got skills. Whatever.