The Curtains

I really wanted curtains for the kids room but I did not have any extra cash to buy them. I sat for days trying to figure out what I wanted to put there and finally just sketched a picture of my idea. It took a few colored pencils and a few scraps of paper but voila! the picture emerged. I don’t know how to sew but I just teach myself from the user manual.

I bought a sewing machine this summer for the little things I always want to make and can never really find time to experiment. I was very determined to get curtains up so finally I pulled out some 3.00 flat sheets I bought in Walmart and  started chopping. I laid the material out on the floor and made little marks here and there with a crayon. When you have kids you just use what they leave lying around. It comes in very handy.

After one casualty of a baby’s finger getting nicked in the scissors. Please. No one told him to stick his hand in when I was cutting. We were on our way. Don’t look too close- he may have left some residue. Don’t ever underestimate how difficult it is to do ANYTHING with children around. He was safe and the curtains were starting to look like something.

About 3 days or so later I had found enough spare moments to have completed the curtain. I wanted them to be double sided so that when I change the linen, every night after bed-wetting scenarios the curtains can match. I really don’t have strength to always get the same linen on the bed. That would entail washing the previous ones and drying them and then putting them back on. Way too tired for that. Now we can just lift and spin.

Okay. So they came out really cool from just being a drawn picture on a paper. They were waiting for the wall to be painted so they can get put up on a fresh new wall. The wall got painted and they still sit. I wish I can show a picture of how they look with the linen- but it doesn’t seem to be happening. When you don’t have money you cant have everything done at your beck and call.

So they lie here gathering dust. I would love to hang them myself but I need a drill and special screws if I want it to stay up in a cement wall. And I don’t want to drill with the baby around. I don’t trust him anymore. Meanwhile, this is all there is.

People ask me why I don’t do it for a living. Simple answer. I don’t even honestly remember what I did. I spread out making them over too long and too many spare moments I can’t do it again. And anyhow, I don’t have any more spare moments. I am waiting for them to come around to allow time to make the other rooms’ curtains. So they can lie and gather dust hanging over another bookshelf that I wont be able to use for a few months due to curtain coverage.

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